Before coming on tour

Once I book a tour, what happens and what do I need to do ? We will send you a comprehensive information pack and a list of things you will need to do and to bring with you. Our Terms & conditions document will also help to answer some of these questions.

What training will I need to do ? It is very important that you come on tour physically prepared to ride the route that you have chosen. The training programme that you choose will depend on a number of factors that you will need to consider. Our general rule of thumb is that you are better to do a little more than not enough

Can I stay extra nights before or after the tour dates and will WAMO book these for me? Yes this is no problem

While on tour

What sort of hotels will we be staying in ? At a minimum, we use 3 star hotels but always with a preference to smaller boutique properties that have a unique quality. Where possible, we will also use chalets, wineries and farmhouses to provide you with an even more special experience

Is alcohol included on tour ? No, alcoholic beverages are not included in the package price but we find that many groups form a drinks kitty that they use to buy beer and wine. This can be coordinated at the beginning of the tour.

Are energy bars, gels and hydration provided on tour ? Yes, we stock the High5 brand of food and drinks and these are included in your tour package

Can I upgrade my accommodation to single as opposed to twin share ? Twin share accommodation is the standard as offered in your tour package. In most cases, there is the opportunity to upgrade to single and this will include an extra cost. This cos twill vary from tour to tour, so let us know which tour you are considering and we can advise you

How much extra spending money will I need while on tour? This is always a difficult question to answer. The things to consider are how much you want to go out to bars etc where alcoholic beverages will be at your own cost. Also, are you likely to buy souvenirs and accessories while in Europe.

Can I join a tour late or leave early ? In theory yes but keep in mind that transfers may not be totally straight forward so there may be some extra costs. We will also have to charge the full tour price.

Can a non riding partner join a tour ? We are more than happy to accommodate a non rider on tour and to do our best to arrange alternative activities. Non riders would be charged the same price as riders.

Getting to and from the tour

Are my flights and/or train tickets included to and from the tour ? No, these need to be paid and organised by you

Are transfers from airports, stations etc to tour start and finish points included in the tour price ? No, but we are happy to coordinate and book these on your behalf.

The bikes

Can I bring my own bike on tour ? Yes of course you can. We appreciate that for many riders, there is nothing like your own bike. Just appreciate that the logistics of dissassembly, transportation and reassembly can sometimes be logistically challenging and there is always a risk of damage. In any case, our mechanic will be on hand to assist you and we have an extensive stock of parts if they are required.

What about my bike case ? What happens to it during the tour ? If it is a soft case, then we can most probably transport it with us in a van. However, hard cases are much more bulky and although we will do everything to accommodate, there may be some additional charges if we need to freight or store it. We will gladly store it for you free of charge until the end of your tour.

Upon arrival in Geneva, will someone help me to reassemble my bike ? We will certainly be on standby to help you reassemble your bike and we do have tools as well. You should bring your own tools for this purpose and know how to repack your bike.

If I am hiring a bike, how do I know it will fit me correctly ? We will make sure that we have all of your necessary measurements and then select a bike that suits your size. The LOOK 675 has a variety of sizes and we will adjust saddle heights etc when you arrive. We will set up the bike to the same measurements of your own bike. We will send you a sheet prior to tour and ask to take some measurements from your own bike and note them on the sheet.

Should I bring my own saddle, shoes and pedals ? We do provide saddles on the bikes but also appreciate that some people feel quite attached to their own so there is no problem to swap them over for the duration of your tour

Are consumables such as CO2 canisters, inner tubes & tyres provided on tour ? We don’t provide these items free of charge but they can be purchased from WAMO while on tour. Items such as rear derailleur hangers and spokes are however not maintained by WAMO unless you are hiring one of our bikes. We strongly suggest that you bring spares of these. With our hire bikes, everything is provided. If you are using your own bike we will provide you with service and support free of charge but you will have to pay for tyres and parts.


Will my mobile phone work  in Europe? Depending on your carrier, your mobile phone will probably work but the roaming charges may be extremely expensive. Local SIM cards can be purchased on arrival and this is often a very good idea It is wise to contact your service provider before you leave home and purchase a travel bundle.